Monday, April 19, 2010

Winged Sea Serpent Reported in Levant!

So read the title of an article found in the Sunday, August 13 1922 edition of the New York Times.

"Currant-Laden Felucca Sunk When Sailor Belts Reptile With Pomegranate.", the title continues. The creature, "Has Eyes Like Sidelights" and "Zooms Aloft Like Airplane - Wrecks Caciques With Figs and Pistachio Nuts."

The sea serpent began its rampage off the port of Euboea in the Aegean. It then flew off to the port of Izmir at an altitude of about 5,000ft. It was also sighted off the mouth of the Nile, and around the islands of Crete and Lesbos. Greek authorities sent gunboats after it but had no luck in destroying it. One witness, a Turkish rug merchant, was taking a ferry when the creature rose up from the water near the boat. It appeared to be 15ft wide and 50ft long with a head 10ft across. It had huge, glowing eyes which seemed to bake the people on board the ferry with some kind of heat ray. It then slapped the ferry with its tail, nearly tipping it over and disappeared.

More on this article can be found in Fortean Times issue 248.

This would make for a great miniatures scenario!

I imagine four players. One player is the Sea Serpent, another a Greek Gunboat, there should be a dirigible piloted by an eccentric adventure and his companions and finally, the vengeful M├╝mtaz Effendi, Turkish Pomegranate Magnate in his cannon armed Dhow. The three human players will attempt to destroy or capture the Sea Serpent. The Serpent will be at a considerable advantage with its size, ability to fly and dive, and its heat ray vision.

I'd set it a bit earlier, the 1890s but it would be great for pulp era games too. I don't have a rules set picked out for it but just picture the game!

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