Thursday, September 30, 2010

AD&D Monster Cards

Check out what I found at a garage sale a while back. They're cards that have a picture of a monster on one side and its stats on the other. I believe these came out around 1982 or so.

Here's a small selection. I see some Otis, Willingham and Holloway in there. Good stuff.

I like the Efreet posing as some kind of cocksure, Ogre Magi, ronin.

Here's what the reverse sides look like;

The check list;

I kinda wish I could find a use for them.

Video for this thursday;

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  1. I have these cards too, at least I have a bunch of them - I don't think I have the whole set, and I don't have the checklists.

    I haven't figured out a use for mine either - they've been in a box of D&D stuff for 10 years or so.