Sunday, July 4, 2010

My time with the Barbarians of Lemuria

I ran this great little game a couple of weeks ago;

I'm running at least two sessions of this game for my group as a stop gap until Space 1889: Red Sands is released. I might possibly run a third.

I used the print version (Legendary Edition) and I think it went rather well. The rules were easy for me (the GM) to remember. Always a plus. Six players generated their characters in under an hour. Also good. Fun characters too.

I ignored most of the setting stuff. The setting didn't really catch me and I've never read any Thongor stuff (I did find the first novel yesterday and am now reading it). So, I just made stuff up. Didn't really matter. None of the players were familiar either.

The adventure I ran was a bit railroady (I think), what with a sea monster causing our characters to wreck on a remote island. The players told me that they really liked it anyhow. The scenario was a bit simple too. All that is kind of necessary since this was intended as a semi one shot. I had to tone a few things down because Lee's son, Will, was playing (I'm not good with ages, somewhere around 9 or 10 years old?). Which was fun. The last time I ran something for kids, I was in high school. I thought he really added to the group.

It ran very smoothly with six players though I don't think I gave the system a thorough run through. Next session I hope to red line it a bit. I look forward to it. I had a lot of fun running it.

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