Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jägers and Boxes

Finished my Jägers! Here they are;

I've also been considering boxes for transporting my miniatures. It's been a improvised affair for me since the beginning. A box that a keyboard came in, a wine bottle box, tackle box, all kinds of boxes that just happened to come in handy at the time. I kind of want to change that.

Look at what I found at a garage sale;

Just guess what I'm going to use these great little boxes for! I plan on placing magnetized trays inside each one. At least a stack of two. It should be more than enough to store my French VSF force in.

Then there's this;

Also got this mortar shell box at a garage sale. I'm going to put my Germans in it. It's a bit on the heavy side. Kind of large too, but man, it'll keep my minis safe. At first, I intended on sanding off the stencils and Germanifying it. Slap a big "Nicht Werfen" warning on the top. Then I got lazy and sentimental. So, I decided to give it a quick sanding to get rid of the rough spots and gave it a stain coat. I also glued magnetic sheets inside to hold my minis. The glue is setting as I type.

Now I need to find something for my British, Martians and Zanzibaris.

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