Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bases, knocking them down

Here, as you can see, are the Halflings I posted earlier. Halflings are de rigueur in the Empire this year. So, it should only be that I have a finished unit with the bases done.

Crossbowmen from Stirland:

Crossbowmen from Estalia:

Handgunners from Stirland in a, "Are you going to live forever? Get 'em done!" paint job:

Dogs of War Duelists as a Stir River Patrol boarding party (one guy had his pistol break off and I can't find it):

Various Free Company:

It must look like I favor oddball units and missile troops. It could be true. It is also true that they tend to come in units of ten and are therefore quicker and less onerous to paint.

Now for the regularly scheduled video from my most favorite band ever:

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