Saturday, June 26, 2010

Still Not Dead vs. Prussians

No, I did not have West Nile Virus. I was just a little under the weather. I mean, what else would you expect after walking through clouds of very large mosquitoes? I'm not dead. I am fine. My monitor is dying, however. That'll make it difficult to process my photos of recently finished minis. I've got three units lined up to be done this week. I wish I'd be able to get more done but there's a lot of stuff keeping me busy. This is a shame because I've got quite a few Prussian lined up for painting.

Did I happen to mention that I'm working on my VSF Prussian forces at the moment?

Yep, I've been slowly building up various units that I can use in the greatest variety of scenarios that I can. I want to use units that would be seen in a European theater and units for colonial conflicts. I also want to see how much I can overlap them to get the most bang for my buck. I'll be aiming to have them represent the German Empire in a science fictional war between the years 1890 and 1900. The infantry is grouped into units of ten. This number will work with the three games I'm thinking of using; Gaslight, Vor or Space 1889. Here's what I've got so far;

1 unit of dismounted female Hussars (almost done).
2 units of Prussian line infantry.
1 unit of Prussian Jaegers (almost done).
1 maxim gun manned by Jaegers
2 units of Bavarian line infantry.
1 unit of mixed dismounted cavalry (dragoons and hussars).
1 unit of German South West Africa infantry (to use either in Africa or say, Venus).
2 units of African Askaris (to be used either with German or British forces).
1 steam tank of medium size.
1 steam powered walker armed with maxim gun.
1 unit of Martian sepoys (to be shared with British forces depending on scenario).

Here's what I'm still planning to add;
2 units of Venusian Lizardman Schutztruppen (I need to assemble them still. It'll take a bit of work).
Maybe 1 or 2 more units of Prussian line infantry.
1 or 2 units of Seebatallion.
A couple artillery pieces.
At least one unit of cavalry.
1 flying machine of some sort. Probably a zeppelin.

That quite a bit there considering I still have British, Martian and French forces on the line too. Yikes.

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